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Digital Products

An agile product driven team working with a wide range of startups and big brands to create compelling, successful and value-adding apps and websites

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Communication & Collaboration

Transformation starts with real change. Empower your teams to be faster, smarter, and more collaborative than ever before

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Cloud Transformation

Turn your status quo of today into innovations for tomorrow. Our Cloud and innovation expertise will help you unlock the transformative value of cloud

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What We Do

Experience Design

We design experiences that forge strong user relationships. Combining human centered design with data science, our solutions are infused with empathy and insights into customer motivations, behaviors and values.

Product Development

At the intersection of design, technology, and strategy we create digital mobile and web products that people love.

Business Transformation

Being cloud ready and moving onto a cloud IT model you will maximize efficiency, increase agility and have the freedom to innovate and managing costs.

Enterprise Applications

Building integrated enterprise applications & services that streamline, automate and optimize businesses processes unlocking new revenue streams.


Developing our own framework to reach true agility & rapid production without compromising quality has been long in the making & a continuous improvement process. Embracing concepts from different methodologies from LEAN management to Agile development building on top of DevOps practices we created "LAD".







Our Productions


A white labeled all-in-one event platform from registration, schedules, live polling , content, location based activations and much more generating powerful events engagement results.


Reach is a cloud based platform offering Video Streaming, OTT & Video on demand enabling publishers & broadcasters reach audience through multiple devices & platforms and unlocking new revenue potential.

Meet our Partners

Google Cloud

For almost two decades ES has been building innovative technology products that are used by millions today. In the world of Cloud computing & AI, building the next generation of technology products requires aligning with the best infrastructure and technology providers. Being a Google Cloud Platform partner enables us building new age products at scale and with cutting edge tech..

Translation API BigQuery Prediction API Cloud SQL Google Cloud Platform Cloud Storage Compute Engine App Engine Cloud Endpoints Cloud Datastore

Our Clients

We’re more than a family

At ES our team is our prime investment. We are different yet one, different specialization, different backgrounds, skillsets and timezones but aligned onto one goal and mission, building success. Join the fam

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