Demystifying Digital Contact Tracing the Age of Pandemics

In the age of COVID-19, many “new” technical terms are coming to the surface with the public wondering about what these terms and technologies can do to better protect themselves and their loved ones.
By Extreme Solution

Redefining “Norm” for Companies

While it’s hard not to think about the human despair, fear and tragedy that humanity is currently undergoing, it’s becoming a global realization that regardless when and how this situation will end, the world we know is not going to become the same.
By Sherif Kozman

Extreme Solution is now part of MIT’s Safe Paths movement against COVID-19

Extreme Solution’s team is lending the expertise to MIT’s Safe Paths, a privacy-first contact tracing app that aims to flatten the curve of COVID-19 through communities and governments joint tracing effort with user’s privacy as the cornerstone.
By Extreme Solution

Covid-19 a catalyst for Digital Transformation

Mankind is trying to figure out ways to fight and control the pandemic that has hit the world causing tens of thousands getting sick and thousands to be dead and numbers are only rising till this minute.
By Extreme Solution